Getting Locked Up Using a Female Chastity Belt

It’s not uncommon to hear stories about couples breaking up because of bad sex. Even if they get along nicely outside the bedroom, lacking in the sack almost always comes to haunt them in the end. It’s an unfortunate tale of many modern relationships. Therefore, more and more couples are starting to experiment in bed.

No matter how straightforward one might seem, there’s always some kink lurking around the corner. And since we’re all a bit dirty once it comes to sex, going into fetish waters seems like a great way to stir things up a bit. Let’s talk about the perks of female chastity devices for couples that dream of bondage and discipline.

Why Do Kinksters Wear Chastity Devices?

Most people associate chastity cages with medieval maidens and their knights nowadays, and it’s always the same story — men put their ladies’ genitals behind bars while they go around slaying dragons and pillaging villages. Well, not actual dragons, but you get what we mean.

But that’s okay, seeing how rarely you’d find anything BDSM-related in the mainstream culture. And even if it gets some screen time in the media, it mostly has to do with something abnormal or weird. Therefore, let’s bust the myths surrounding chastity play and the BDSM lifestyle, shall we?

Torture, Shame, or Something Else?

Like we’ve said, people get horny by all sorts of things. From cherishing unexpected body parts to certain role-plays, it’s all out there. But once it comes to the BDSM community, it mainly goes into a more specific direction. Whether it’s dominance or submission, the thrill of one person taking control over another is what makes that special spark burst into fire.

And putting a belt (cage) over your partner’s genitals, restricting them from receiving pleasure whenever they want, is the epitome of making someone your possession. Of course, these actions aren’t about hurting someone unwillingly — the sub enjoys the fuck out of it. It’s part of the game to feel torture, shame, and humiliation. The whole role-playing form of sexual intercourse is about making those hidden dreams come to life.

It’s for the Both of You

Even if we’re here to talk about girls and their genitals behind bars, guys love cock cages too. Orgasm denial is a major thing for both sexes, depending on the power dynamic in their relationship. Years ago, it might have been weird to hear about a girl restricting her hubby from getting an erection, but times are changing, and they’re changing quickly.

So if the two of you are all about that BDSM vibe, switching roles might be your thing. These stainless-steel sex toys for women can work long term, making them perfect for couples who’d love to change their sex lives thoroughly. Moreover, BDSM relationships aren’t something you try out once in a while — they’re more of a lifestyle.

Female Chastity Belts

Like male chastity devices, the female ones are contraptions that restrict the user from receiving sexual pleasure. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes but are mostly built from stainless steel. A female chastity belt surrounds the crotch, leaving both the vagina and the anus without penetration or any other kind of sexual stimulation. You can think of them as steel panties that can’t come off without a key.

The whole point is to have your key in the hands of the dominant partner. While in possession of it, they will make sure you don’t take it off. Your sexual satisfaction will be in the hands of the Dom. They will decide when the time to unlock the contraption is. This power exchange allows people to experience their innermost desires of being someone else’s possession.

Depending on the type of chastity belt, the sub will have a different experience. Some well-equipped, restricting steel panties will include an anal plug in the rear end. This feature will keep arousing the female constantly, but the front part will restrict her from actual intercourse. You could argue it’s a tease and deny kind of thing for people who love sexual denial. It is recommended to get to know the different types of chastity belts, so you would know which ones would work best for you. You may start by going through this lovegasm library of chastity belts for women.

All in all, this sex toy will help you experiment with both sexual release and intercourse in general. They work great once the two of you form a special BDSM bond and transform your bedroom into an actual sex dungeon. Their design will fit nicely with the whole kinky aesthetic of black leather, long heals, and whips. It’s just a great way of trying out something new that will make or break a regular relationship.