About Cortney

Being a flight attendant has always been my dream. My father would always take me with him when he travels for work. I was always excited to go with him because I knew that we would take another airplane ride. I was amused about how pretty the flight attendants were with their fancy makeup on, and how they smile to everybody. I told myself that it was what I wanted to have as a career.

I have been a flight attendant for 5 years. It is a rewarding career and I get to do what I love – traveling. Some say that being an FA is one of the sexiest careers out there. While I can see why people think that it is sexy, there is more to it than being sexy and fancied.

I document every single trip that I fly, documenting every experience that I encounter. For those who want to pursue the same career, I also share some tips and guides that will be useful in preparation for your application to be a flight attendant. These and more, so make sure to check back soon!