Cortney Heimerl

Cortney Heimerl

One Trick Pony - Milwaukee, WI

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I was excited to participate in One Trick Pony this past weekend in Milwaukee.  They launched the show a few years back as a pop up flea market, but this round decided to invite some handmade artists into the mix.  To blend in, I brought a collection of vintage fabric I have been collecting over the past few decades.  Mostly though, I sold flags.  

Thanks for having me One Trick Pony!  Thanks to everyone who came out to say heyyyyy.

Coming Soon: Word Quilts

Cortney HeimerlComment
Quilted Letters

I've been working on a square font to incorporate text into my quilts.  I have been slowly moving through the alphabet, laying out directions on each letter.  Soon, I'll have the entire alphabet laid out.  Sign up for my newsletter to be alerted when the block go live.