Cortney Heimerl

Cortney Heimerl

It always comes down to color. For me, there is nothing more exciting than that.
— Cortney Heimerl

The Idea

I have always been drawn to color.  This never stops for me. If you went through my Pinterest boards or saw the images I am drawn to on Instagram, you'd find a barrage of seemingly disjointed imagery with one common thread: accidental color pairings that I have to hold onto.

You can see this in all of my work - A piece of mine always starts with an experiment in color.

Style & Quality

I strive to have the highest quality goods. You'll find all of my pieces began in a sketchbook and created through my own excitement to problem solve. Although I collect color swatches from multitudes of places, the application of those color studies are all my own.

I encourage everyone to dig down deep to find their own perfect voice in the storm of DIY.

100% Handmade

Everything you see in my shop is 100% Handmade. I strive to source materials from the US. I am diligent. 

If you have any questions specifically on my process - hit the contact button.